Incident Management System

Thrilled to announce the outcomes attained from our collaboration with Vuxini in crafting an incident management system. We embark on a journey to design and implement a tailored solution that addresses the underreporting of incidents such as potholes, water leakage, and sewage leakage. We deliver a successful project that not only addresses the challenges of underreported incidents but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of incident resolution processes.

MG XPRESS Enterprise Application

The Ask Challenge with the existing system is that MGXpress was still doing a lot of work in Excel and Smartsheets. One of the ancillary goals of the project was to eliminate most — if not all — of those spreadsheet workarounds. They wanted the whole lifecycle of the business transactions to be traceable. Goals […]

Laboratory management system

Problems Moval Designs created this case study that will be useful to domestic clients and laboratory suppliers. The endeavor A laboratory management system is intended to be an intuitive web tool that can be used to manage tasks and clients, group samples into work requests, and provide turnaround times. Solutions Lab Configuration Versioned Test Method […]