Incident Management System

Thrilled to announce the outcomes attained from our collaboration with Vuxini in crafting an incident management system. We embark on a journey to design and implement a tailored solution that addresses the underreporting of incidents such as potholes, water leakage, and sewage leakage. We deliver a successful project that not only addresses the challenges of underreported incidents but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of incident resolution processes.

Lamps of Light Project, a Nonprofit Organization

We are delighted to highlight the remarkable outcomes accomplished through our collaborative partnership with the Lamps of Light Project, a Nonprofit Organization
. The combined efforts of website re-design and SEO project have effectively elevated online presence, skillfully conveying mission, vision, and impactful outcomes to a broader and more engaged audience.

Wollo Ethiopian Relief Organization

We are pleased to share the impressive results achieved through our partnership with the Wollo Relief Organization. The website design project has successfully enhanced online presence to effectively communicate mission, activities, and impact to a wider audience.