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Challenge with the existing system is that MGXpress was still doing a lot of work in Excel and Smartsheets. One of the ancillary goals of the project was to eliminate most — if not all — of those spreadsheet workarounds. They wanted the whole lifecycle of the business transactions to be traceable.


Replace an old spreadsheet and develop smart, user-centric enterprise web applications to meet business needs. Present the data in a web-based application that can be utilized across teams.


Developed a program to keep track of sales and expenses and solutions that would be both user-friendly and forward-looking. The new system helps move them off spreadsheets by providing a client-facing site for sales. Managers can use the front-end site and manage their orders and expenses. Along with creating the application, we also translated the language from English to French in order to accommodate the demands and preferences of users in a different geographical area.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the results. You actually capture what I want to achieve with this program. There are functions in this program I didn't know existed. It took me this second round to play with them. FANTASTIC.

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