Laboratory management system

Enterprise Software Development


Moval Designs created this case study that will be useful to domestic clients and laboratory suppliers. The endeavor A laboratory management system is intended to be an intuitive web tool that can be used to manage tasks and clients, group samples into work requests, and provide turnaround times.


Lab Configuration

  • Versioned Test Method and Parameters
  • Test Method approval lifecycle
  • Test Method Spreadsheet Configuration
  • Hierarchical Department / Laboratory setup
  • Store batch, customer, lab, sample points, and other information
  • Set user email alerts for sample status changes
  • Custom sample internal and external IDs.

Results Entry

  • Spreadsheet-based Result Entry
  • Formula support
  • Last 30 Data Points Chart in result entry


Laboratory management system is intended to increase lab productivity and efficiency. The program can have a possibility to automate processes and keeping track of all the crucial sample data, workflows, and QA/QC outputs that your lab produces every day.

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